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Intensive Pain Relief Oil

Prepared from ancient ayurvedic recipes, as the name suggests, Bare Rituals Intensive Pain Relief Oil gives you relief  from pain associated with muscles and joint pains of neck, shoulder, legs and back. Based on holistic approach, this ayurvedic formulation aids in diminishing various pain without any side effects.

Intensive Pain Relief Oil

  • Blend of Ayurvedic Formulations: Mahanaryan Oil, Panchagun Oil, Gandhpura Oil

  • The intensive oil is made by blending three proven potent analgesic & anti-inflammatory ayurvedic formulations. It may reduce stiffness due to the Vatashamak effect. It may be found effective in all types of joint pains including rheumatoid, arthritis osteoarthritis, and spondylitis, neuralgia.

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