Our Story

After spending two decades in the marketing & brand management consulting working for high demanding sectors, like Manufacturing, hospitality, Advertising & Brand Managment Consultancy, Education etc. leading a hectic lifestyle working  almost 12-14 hours on the floor and then managing house hold caios  which might be the story of every woman in the country, Kristeena Grover encountered a lot of stress-related issues. Stress triggered the hormonal imbalance, anxiety, spondylitis  took over her  life and everything were visible  as we say your external body is a mirror to what's happening inside. Allopathy and other chemical formulations were of no help. This was when she decided to take the charge of her life and went back to the basics of living a holistic life.


When we talk about Beauty and wellness, these terms often overlap each other. Being well can help you look beautiful and feeling beautiful can increase your overall wellness. With this idea, the brand “Bare Ritual” conceived, which literally not only means rituals for bare body but also the essential rituals one must perform for the overall wellbeing of Body, Mind & Soul! 


Bare Rituals is a100% environmentally cautious brand and hence does not promote the use of any synthetic chemicals or such products in any form.