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Ayurveda the oldest health science, recognizes the necessity to maintain a harmony of body, mind and spirit. It state that that the cause of any dis-ease is the imbalance in the life and to expel the disease, restoration of that Balance is imperative.

This holistic healing system therefore does not work on the symptoms of a disease. The holistic healers look at the whole of a person when assessing their health needs and will look at diet, physical movement, mental and emotional strain to pinpoint an underlying root cause for symptoms that have presented themselves.

Ayurveda suggests each person needs a different line of treatment since the origin of each person’s imbalance is unique. Hence, the healing intervention has to be unique to each individual too. Ayurveda does not encourage creating dependence; however, it’s a practice that helps each person attain a Balanced Life and the ability to correct imbalances when they occur. The aim is not only to heal the ailment the patient has presented, but also seek out the underlying cause and promote overall wellbeing.

How holistic healing benefits you?

Holistic healing leaves no stone left unturned when it comes to ensuring every part of your body is positively affected. Incorporating ancient, alternative therapies with modern medicine gives practitioners/healers the opportunity to utilise all the very best methods to improve the wellness of the being. Holistic healing also provides the perfect balance of health, between emotional and mental health and physical health. This makes the body tougher in dealing with illnesses and improves ones’ state of mind when dealing with challenges.

Holistic practitioners use a variety of treatments and techniques to assist their patients to take responsibility for their own health and for them to achieve overall wellness. These techniques may include patient education on lifestyle and self-care on topics such as exercise, relationships and counselling; complimentary alternative holistic therapies etc.

With the many different therapies and treatments to consider, Healers at Bare Rituals has curated collection of programs, trainings & retreats that will assist you in choosing the right holistic healing therapy for you. Whether you’re new to alternative therapies or an experienced holistic healing patient, we put all our efforts to make you regain your optimal health and restore your wellbeing.

Take Out Time

Pause. Breathe. Listen. It’s the time to listen to what your body and mind are telling you. Unwind yourself and destress with guidance from world-renowned teachers and support from a like-minded community...all with stunning landscape as your backdrop.

Unlock the Better You 

What do you really want? We’ll help you discover that. From personal healing to learning to move past fear, our retreats/ trainings will help you leave all your struggle behind, set you to define your goals, and get everything you aspire in life.

Discover Healthy YOU

Through a unique combination of ancient wisdom & sensory experiences, learn personalized approaches to taking control of your own health. Discover how it feels when you own your well-being first.

Start Your Journey

of Wellbeing

Learn meditation or to understand how the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda can help you take control of your own health, these retreats are the perfect place to start.

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