The Beautiful You... Inside...Out!

Ayurveda is an ancient system of life and also the oldest surviving medical system in the world. According to Ayurveda, Beauty is more than skin deep. The wisdom of Ayurveda lays great emphasis on the naturalness of everything used for care, along with the realization to the fact that true beauty comes from within, and begins with consciousness. We at Bare Rituals put all the efforts together, in learning and sharing the pathway to living a holistic lifestyle in sync with mother nature as taught in ancient scriptures...

skin, body & hair care


mind & Soul Care




100% pure, steam distilled edible grade rose water is made from organically grown "Nurjahan" variant of Damascena Rosa at the foot of Himalayas. Once plucked, properties of rose petals deteriorates very fast after sun rise. The fact that farm, mountain spring water and unit being at the same place, the rose petals are used in shortest time. This helps to refrain any adulterants and hence retains the maximum properties in rose water and hence, making it one of the best rose waters available globally.

Chakra balancing

Stone Soaps

Loaded with goodness of Essential Oils, Chakra  Stones Soaps imitate Real Gem Stones, help in healing the skin, along with your Mind & Soul by balancing the relevant Chakra 

Rustic Tin
Citrine Stone Soap
Citrine Stone Soap

Red Jasper Stone Soap
Red Jasper Stone Soap


Citrine Stone Soap
Citrine Stone Soap


Detoxify Skin with Bamboo CHarcoal & Aloe Vera Soap

Moisturize skin with nourishing Avocado & Aloe vera soap